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Getting out to enjoy the water our State is surrounded by is a must for many Floridians and why boat ownership is so popular. A boat insurance policy typically covers boats up to 26’ in overall length. If your boat is greater than that then it may be considered a yacht and therefore qualify for yacht insurance.

Boat insurance policies provide coverage for repairs if your boat is accidentally damaged or destroyed by a covered peril such as collision, fire, theft, windstorm, lightning, or vandalism. This coverage is comprehensive as it provides coverage for the boat and its machinery and auxiliary equipment, outboard motors, boat trailer, and personal property onboard. Boat policies can provide physical damage coverage on an Actual Cash Value (ACV) or an Agreed Amount Value basis, at your selection.

Actual Cash Value policies pay for Replacement Costs less depreciation at the time of the loss. In the event of a total loss, used boat pricing guides will be referenced, along with other resources to determine the approximate market value of your vessel.

What’s Covered?

Windward partners with carriers who offer the best and most affordable coverage options to keep you navigating the open waters:

Boat Liability

Boat Liability insurance offers protection if you are legally responsible for damages to property or to injuries to someone other than yourself or a family member. In the event a lawsuit results after hitting another boat, or someone is injured onboard your vessel due to your negligence, coverage can be extended from $100,000 up to $1 million.

Medical Expenses

The Medical Payment section of a boat policy provides protection for medical, ambulance, and hospital costs should someone be injured while in your boat or upon boarding or leaving your boat.

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist or Boaters

Similar to Auto Uninsured Motorist policies, those who select this coverage with their boat policy will be entitled to recover for injuries caused by an accident with an owner or operator of an uninsured boat or "hit-and-run" boat incident.


A must in the event of an emergency on the water. Towing and Assistance policies enable you to be reimbursed for the reasonable costs incurred when you break down at sea and need to be towed back to port.

Physical Damage Coverage

Physical Damage coverage is usually subject to a deductible and the boat and motor usually have the same deductible. Boat policy deductibles are calculated one of two ways:
Percentage of your coverage (1%, 2%, 3% of the vessel value)
Flat amounts of $250 or $500

Considerations When Exploring Personal Watercraft Coverage

In Florida, we are surrounded by water and many of us take part in enjoying the many activities the water has to offer. Jet skis are very popular and are often categorized as personal watercrafts which are typically not covered by a homeowners or auto insurance policy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find all the answers to your questions here.
Is watercraft insurance required?
If your watercraft is used as collateral by a bank or lending institution, they will require you hold a boat policy to protect the craft in the event of loss.
What kind of insurance is needed for a watercraft?
The minimum required by some states, lenders, and marinas is liability insurance which can vary in coverage amounts.

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