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One of the biggest joys in life for families and individuals is to buy a house and then turn that house into a home. Once achieved, this home becomes the central location for all personal belongings, furniture, keepsakes, and other prized possessions. Thankfully homeowners coverage protects against most damage to your home caused by natural disasters. In many circumstances, other structures on your property such as your porch, garage, and shed are covered as well.

With Florida’s weather being very temperamental, at unexpected times, all homeowners are strongly encouraged to maintain coverage year-round whether they own their home outright or have a mortgage with a lender. There are many types of homeowners coverage depending on your needs. We offer a wide range of different options customized specifically for you.

Let the Windward Insurance Agency plot the right course in search of the homeowners insurance coverage you seek.

What’s Covered?

Coverage limits are determined and based on the cost to rebuild the home at today’s cost, not market value or sale value. When looking at a homeowners policy declaration page, here are some of the coverages to note:


Refers to the amount the structure of your home is insured for in the event of a covered total loss.

Other Structures

Indicates the amount of coverage you have for any structures not attached to your dwelling or home.

Personal Property

Refers to the amount of coverage you have for your personal property and belongings.

Loss of Use

This is the amount of coverage for additional living expenses incurred, as a result of your home being deemed uninhabitable due to damage sustained from a covered peril.

Personal Liability

Indicates the amount of coverage available in the event a suit is brought against the policyholder due to bodily injury or property damage sustained by a non-resident arising from a covered loss.

Medical Payments

Often referred to as coverage for medical payments to others, this refers to the amount of coverage provided in the event someone is hurt or injured on your property.

Let’s Talk About Deductibles

We want you to have the most affordable insurance plan you can get, which is why it is crucial to keep deductibles top of mind when speaking with your Windward Insurance agent. We will navigate the options and steer you toward the coverage that is right for you.

Deductibles are simply the thresholds for the amount of money a policyholder must meet in damages or pay at the time of settlement, prior to your insurance coverage stepping in and paying you for covered losses. There are two main deductibles typically listed on a homeowner’s policy: Hurricane and All Other Peril Deductibles.

Hurricane Deductibles are often based on a percentage of your Coverage A limit, which apply when storm warnings are issued across Florida or when your home has sustained damage. The All Other Peril Deductible is based on a set dollar amount and applies to losses including vandalism and fire damage.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find all the answers to your questions here.
Do I need homeowners insurance?
The majority of homes purchased with the assistance of a lender or mortgage company will require homeowners coverage. Lenders will typically require borrowers to hold a homeowners policy to protect their assets/interest until the mortgage or loan is completely satisfied. Customers without a mortgage are recommended to hold a homeowners policy to protect their property from lighting, fire, theft, vandalism, windstorm, or hail loss which may result in thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs.
How much do I need in homeowners coverage?
Homeowners coverage is determined on building cost, not market value or sales price. What determines the amount of coverage you will need is the cost to rebuild a home in the event of a total loss. Factors such as construction cost, materials, labor rates, location, and the square footage of the structure factor into how much coverage you will require.
What is the replacement cost on a homeowners policy?
On a homeowners policy, replacement cost refers to to the amount of money it would cost to rebuild a home or structure (this may or may not include demolition – reference the policy purchased). This factor is often higher than the market value of the home and used by homeowners carriers to determine the limits of a homeowners policy.

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