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If you’re a renter, there’s still plenty of comprehensive insurance offerings to protect all personal property within your rental unit including clothing, furniture, keepsakes, and any other owned valuables against any potential damage.

While your landlord may have coverage for the rental property itself, your personal property can only be protected by purchasing a renters insurance policy of your own. Luckily, renters insurance is much more affordable than you might think and we can help you find the best options for your budget.

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What’s Covered?

A standard renters policy will provide coverage for the following:

Personal Property

A renters policy will cover your personal belongings (on or off the property) and those of your guest(s) on the property.

Loss of Use

Should the property become uninhabitable due to a covered loss, you will be provided with an additional living expense reimbursement to find temporary new housing while the property is repaired.

Personal Liability

Provides coverage should a lawsuit be filed claiming you caused someone an injury or damaged their property.

Medical Payments

Covers the medical payments of someone who is not living on the property who is injured on the property.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is renters insurance required in Florida?
Although Renter Insurance is not required by law, many landlords do require renters’ coverage prior to occupying the space.  This is done to protect your belongings in the event of a loss.
Would a renters policy provide coverage in the event of a water loss?
Yes, a standard Renter's Insurance policy will cover your personal belongings in the event of water loss.

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