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Did you know that Florida has the most condominium owners in the US? With this comes a great responsibility to protect these condos and everything in them against the unpredictable surprises that Florida’s weather can throw at us.

A condominium policy provides coverage to your unit’s interior, including additions and improvements within the unit itself, your personal property, and provides bodily and liability coverage. The condominium master policy only covers the condominium’s external or outdoor structures, not the interior of the unit.

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What’s Covered?

A standard condominium policy will provide coverage for the following:


The coverage amount you select for your condo dwelling will provide coverage for your paint, flooring, and other structure items located inside of your unit damaged after a covered loss.  Review the condominium policy to see what the master policy covers.

Personal Property

Refers to the amount of coverage for your personal property and belongings.

Loss of Use

This is the amount of coverage for additional living expenses incurred as a result of your home being deemed uninhabitable due to damage sustained from a covered peril.

Personal Liability

Personal Liability will cover claims of bodily injury or property damage incurred by someone who is not a resident of the condominium.

Medical Payments

Often referred to as Medical Payments to Others, this is the amount of coverage provided in the event someone is hurt or injured on your property.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is a condominium policy required in Florida?
The State of Florida does not require Condominium (HO6) coverage to be maintained by a homeowner; however, a lender may require the coverage to protect their asset until it is paid in full.
What does condominium insurance cover?
Condo insurance provides coverage for your condominium unit, personal items, liability, and additional living expenses in the event your condo is damaged by a covered peril.  The condominium’s master policy should be reviewed to insure proper coverage.

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