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Extra coverage for when other policy limits are exceeded.
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A Little Extra Coverage, Please

There are times when a little extra coverage can go a long way. Additional coverages above what the standard homeowner’s, flood, and auto limits cover. Coverage is available for those who need more protection, via a Personal Umbrella policy.

Umbrella coverage is meant to protect you from large and potentially devastating bodily or personal injury, property damage claims, or judgments once your other coverage limits have been exhausted.

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Umbrella Insurance Provides That Extra Coverage

Umbrella insurance coverage is typically also extended to members of your household, who reside in your home and do not have auto or property insurance in their own name.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does umbrella insurance cover?
Umbrella Insurance or “excess insurance” is a form of liability insurance in addition to your existing policies which provides coverage for things not included under those policies. Additionally, Umbrella Insurance covers incidents such as damage to another’s property, lawsuits, personal liability, and personal injury.
Who needs umbrella coverage?
Individuals with expensive jewelry, watches, collectibles, cars, and boats are most often the ones requiring umbrella coverage.

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