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For many, starting their own business and taking control of their own financial future is the textbook definition of the American Dream. Throughout this process, it’s always wise to do everything you can to protect your interests and maintain ownership in the event of unexpected circumstances.

This is where a commercial insurance policy can work wonders for your business. This coverage allows you to protect your life’s work at all costs. Commercial insurance provides the security of knowing your business investment, commercial space, inventory, and contents are covered in the event of a fire, theft, or other hazard.

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What’s Covered?

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Should you own your commercial space, it is important to have a commercial property policy covering the physical structure, permanent fixtures, and permanent machinery of the property.  Should you lease your space, a commercial property policy may cover the materials and contents of the business.

Personal Property

A commercial property policy can also cover documents, materials, and other items which may prevent you from doing business if damaged, in addition to a customer’s property, depending on the policy selected.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is included in commercial insurance?
Commercial property insurance protects your company's physical assets from fire, explosions, burst pipes, storms, theft, and vandalism.
What are the benefits of commercial insurance?
The main benefits of commercial insurance are:
Adds business credibility
Protects the company assets, employees, and its owners
Protects the company from lawsuits
Places the business in a favorable position when negotiating

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