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Umbrella Insurance

Understanding Event Insurance

If you're hosting a special event, you already know there are a ton of details to sweat – and some are entirely unpredictable. Bad weather, equipment failure, even the no-show of a key participant can make even the best laid plans go awry.

Did you know you can protect yourself against circumstances beyond your control? Special event insurance can help cover your costs should things go sideways.

What Is Event Insurance?

Sometimes called one-day event coverage, special event insurance offers a combination of property damage, bodily injury, and event cancellation protections. It is relatively inexpensive and covers some of the biggest risks associated with large gatherings.

Special Event Liability Insurance

When a venue asks for a certificate of liability insurance – this is exactly what they’re talking about.

Special event liability insurance protects against potential legal and medical costs in the event you are held responsible for personal injury or damage/loss to property at the event. This may include, for example:

• Guest injury or personal property loss/damage

• Theft of or damage to rental equipment

• Damage to the venue itself, such as fire started by a tossed cigarette

Slip-and-falls, fights, equipment failure leading to physical injury, and much more can all lead to the types of bodily injury and property damage liability covered by this insurance. Every policy is different – and can be customized to meet your event needs – so, make sure to get the coverage you need. The venue, management staff, and others can also be added to your special event liability policy as additional insureds.

Liquor Liability Insurance

When alcohol is served at an event, an intoxicated attendee may harm others or get into a car accident on the way home. You can add-on this coverage to protect against lawsuits or claims related to liquor sales and intoxication.  

Event Cancellation Insurance

What happens if you need to postpone or cancel the event? We got you – by covering the financial losses associated with having to reschedule or cancel the event. While policies differ, this might cover costs such as:

• Nonrefundable deposits and fees (e.g., to venue, catering, vendors, equipment)

• Deposits for vendors going out of business before the event takes place

• Lost revenue (e.g., reduced ticket/concession sales)

• Marketing and advertising costs

• Equipment rental

• Performer or speaker fees

Covered causes for the cancellation/postponement will depend on what is contained in your policy. They typically include unforeseen issues like weather, fire, venue closing, illness of key participants, and mandatory military leave.

It’s important to note these policies won't cover a cancellation due to a change of heart (in the case of a wedding, for example) or due to circumstances known or foreseeable when the policy was purchased.

Special Events You Can Insure

The Windward Insurance Agency offers event insurance for all kinds of special occasions and events held throughout Florida, including:

Baby Showers | Birthdays | Business Meetings | Camps | Clinics | Concerts | Conferences | Dance Recitals | Fairs | Festivals | Fundraisers | Galas | Graduations | Holiday Parties | Marathons | Music Festivals | Parades | Receptions | Shows | Sporting Events | Theater Performances | Tournaments | Trade Shows | Weddings

Note: Certain types of events or activities may be excluded from coverage.

Why You Need Event Insurance in Florida

The benefits of having event insurance include:

• Simple sign-up and purchase

• No deductible to be met!

• High-limit policies available

• Customize your coverage

• Policy changes welcome – up to the day before event

• Unlimited additional insureds

• Claims process is quick & easy

• Peace of mind

The Windward Insurance Agency offers customizable event insurance with varying levels of coverage, depending on your needs and venue requirements. You’ll need to know your event location, day/time, estimated number of attendees, type of event – and we’ll go over all the rest, including your coverage options.

Get started all us at (866) 231-2433 for more information about our special event insurance.